Unlocking Savings: How to Find Your Youth Size

How to Find Your Youth 6-8 Size

There are a lot of reasons to shop kids’ sizes, from saving money to getting the sought-after styles that are sold out in adult sizing. Figuring out youth sizing is easier than you think with accessible size charts and the simple shoe-size conversion equation: your US women’s US size minus 2 equals your youth size.

Size Chart

Figuring out your youth size can open up a world of savings on shoes, as kids’ sizes are often less expensive than their adult counterparts. It also lets you get your hands on sought-after styles that might have been sold out in adult sizes or simply aren’t available anymore. To convert your women’s US shoe size to a youth (or big kid) size, use the simple formula: women’s shoe size minus 2 = youth (or big kids) shoe size. For clothing, manufacturers typically separate their sizing into charts for girls’ regular fit and slim young kids, plus the Alpha (S-XL) and Husky (S-XXL) youth sizes based on chest, weight and height measurements.

Most brands offer measurement guides in half-inch increments for body height and tenth-of-an-inch increments for waist sizes.

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